MectaLIF Posterior

Manufacturer: Medacta

Approach: Posterior

Product type: PLIF;CAGE

Material: Titanium coated PEEK

Conditions: Herniated disc - Spinal stenosis - Degenerative disc disease - Pseudarthrosis

Anatomical regions: Lumbar

Procedures: Arthrodesis


The Medacta MectaLIF Posterior Interbody Fusion devices are shaped for solid initial fixation, and long term spine stabilization. Made of PEEK and Titanium coated PEEK material, the MectaLIF Fusion Devices offer biocompatibility and anatomic shaping to address your unique patients.

Implants are provided in individual boxes, sterile and with double packaging, making the risk for contamination pre, peri and post implantation virtually non-existent.


Brochura MectaLIF Cages

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