Manufacturer: A-SPINE

Approach: Anterior

Product type: Plate

Material: Titanium

Conditions: Degenerative disease - Trauma - Spinal tumor - Pseudarthrosis - Spine instability

Anatomical regions: Cervical

Procedures: Arthrodesis


WinLoc® is a cervical plate system for the anterior surgical stabilization of the cervical spine.
The implant enables the immobilization of the fusion mass until consolidation of the implant or bone transplantation.

WinLoc® is used in case of instabilities of different genesis such as: States after removal of the disc, Fracture, Tumor, Pseudoarthrosis, After unsuccessful cervical spine surgeries.

Key Facts:

  • Prevent back-out mechanism
  • Expandabe, self drilling and self tapping screw
  • Low-profile plate (1.8mm)
  • Pre-lordosed plate


Folder: WinLoc

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